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LIVE UFO ’95 桑田佳祐&Mr.Children ROCK OPERA 奇跡の地球

Venue:国立代々木競技場 第一体育館

Tahara Sakurai Nakagawa Kuwata
M01 Mother/John Lennon Les Paul Standard #T1 Thunderbird A.Yairi
M02 Here Comes The Sun/The Beatles ES-355 #T1 YD-65E Thunderbird
M03 Oh My Love/John Lennon
M04 How/John Lennon ES-355 #T1 Thunderbird
M05 Crocodile Rock/Elton John ES-355 #T1 Thunderbird
M06 Boom Boom/The Animals ES-355 #T1 Thunderbird Pacifica Prototype
M07 Real Me/The Who DS-215 Thunderbird
M08 Born to be wild/Steppenwolf DS-215 Thunderbird
M09 A Day In The Life/The Beatles DS-215 Jazz Bass #N1 J-45
M10 Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen Les Paul Standard #T1 Jazz Bass #N1
M11 Helter Skelter/The Beatles Les Paul Standard #T1 Thunderbird
M12 It’s All Over Now Baby Blues/Bob Dylan Jazz Bass #N1 J-45
M13 In My Life/The Beatles Jazz Bass #N1 J-45
M14 Money/Pink Floyd DS-215 DT-*** Thunderbird
M15 Tax Man/The Beatles DS-215 DT-*** Thunderbird
M16 Strawberry Fields Forever/The Beatles Les Paul Standard #T1 YD-65E Thunderbird
M17 Light My Fire/The Doors ES-355 #T1 Thunderbird
M18 Telegram Sam/T.Rex Les Paul Standard #T1 Les Paul Jr. DC Thunderbird ?
M19 Cold Turkey/John Lennon Les Paul Standard #T1 Les Paul Jr. DC Thunderbird ?
M20 God Save The Queen/Sex Pistols Les Paul Standard #T1 Thunderbird
M21 Suffragette City/David Bowie ? ? ? ?
M22 Like A Rolling Stone/Bob Dylan DS-215 YD-65E Jazz Bass #N1 Gretsch
M23 Across The Universe/The Beatles DS-215 Jazz Bass #N1
M24 奇跡の地球 Les Paul Standard #T1 Jazz Bass #N1

Suffragette City、アンコールは放送でカットされた為不明。

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